Choir and Clergy would love to assist you in making your hallowed baptismal experience as sacred in appearance as it is in spirit. We offer an assortment of baptismal clothes and adornments to serve all your congregation’s needs. We provide baptismal apparel such as robes and gowns, as well as baptismal accessories such as towels and bibs. Our products are made using premium materials embroidered with stylish symbology to better signify the significance of the event. We also offer comfortable and competitive prices, with valuable discounts available for our customers purchasing in bulk.

Our goal at Choir and Clergy is to provide reverential style to your service, and solemnity to your congregation. Our catalog of humble, yet ornate baptism apparel products are designed to meet your specific needs. Our baptismal robes are designed for comfortable wear, while providing a spirit-inspired visual appeal to the audience. We use crease-resistant fabric and weighted hems to keep our robes smooth and flowing in or out of the water. Our baptismal stoles accentuate the look of the robe, providing embroidered imagery to illustrate the importance of the ceremony. Our baptismal towels come in various sizes to meet all your needs. They are made from high quality linen, with various embroidered designs available to better memorialize your baptism celebration.