About Us

Choir and Clergy aims to provide you with all the apparel and accessories you and your congregation need to worship in style! Whether you need a single white choir robe or several custom purple clergy stoles, Choir and Clergy has the products you need and at affordable prices. We cater for all kinds of churches and denominations. No matter your church or choir style, Choir and Clergy can provide you with the highest quality robes, gowns and accessories for fantastic prices. Furthermore, with our various shipping and handling options, we will get your products to you on time, every time!

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We carry a full and varied range of colors, fabrics and styles to meet the needs of worshippers across the nation. At Choir and Clergy, we are passionate about church apparel and accessories and want to make sure everyone looks their best whilst worshipping. Each and every one of our products are crafted with care. We know how important it is to provide our customers with exceptional products. With our fully owned manufacturing and distribution services, Choir and Clergy can support the needs of churches across the nation. Let us help you look your best at church!

Our customer service team are fully trained and are available to help with any question you may have. Contact us today for instant assistance!