At Choir and Clergy, our mission is to provide you with high quality and affordable clergy apparel. Our products are made using premium fabrics, and are offered in a variety of colors and designs. When designing our robes, stoles, and cassocks, we carefully consider both the comfort of the clergy, along with the visual appeal provided to the congregation. We also offer comfortable and competitive prices, with valuable discounts available for our customers purchasing in bulk.

Our goal is to dress your clergy in decorative, yet comfortable clergy attire. We provide clergy robes and pulpit robes to fit all budget constraints, from standard to deluxe. We also offer traditional minister robes such as the John Wesley, Dr. of Divinity, or Geneva style clergy robes. We have a wide selection of both clergy stoles and deacon stoles, all of which are made using premium fabric. Our pulpit stoles are available in a variety of colors which appeal to various seasonal and ceremonial needs. Our clergy cassocks are designed for practicality, as well as style and visual appeal.