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Gold V-Neck Choir Stole

Gold V-Neck Choir Stole

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  • Gold, bridal satin material
  • 6ヤ in front, 14.5ヤ in the back
  • Round-necked front, V-shaped stole
  • Embroidered cross can be added
  • Individually packed in poly bags

You donメt need to buy new robes to create different looks for your choral group. All you need is a choir stole, like these gold V-shaped choir stoles, to give your choral robes a new appearance. These golden stoles are made using premium quality bridal satin fabric, and come with a distinct shorter front and longer pennant-style back. Very easy to wear by slipping over your head and laying over your choir robe. Can be embellished with a decorative cross in front. Comes in other colors as well.

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